10 Red Flags: Things to know before you go…

Some advice from below to my ed techie friends above. Career climbing involves risky routes. Without clear boundaries, an unending 24/7 passage awaits the enthusiastic networked sherpa. The online world, with all its advantages, has little respect for the traditional pathways that once characterized the standard 9-5 job. Watch where you place your feet. Before […]

#DigitalInclusion & #FeesMustFall

Internet access does not guarantee Digital Inclusion E-learning has been repeatedly invoked by certain friends, colleagues and practitioners as a “solution” to the #feesmustfall campus shut down. The logic, to them, is clear. If students can’t attend lectures on campus, then let’s capture the content with a video recorder or webcam and then post them onto […]

Can tech innovations save education in S.A.?

I’m going to be facilitating a conversation today (Wed 24 August) at LeaderEx about education and innovation. Will be asking questions about high tech tools and whether they are the solution to South Africa’s education crisis. Will be chatting to Warren Hero, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, Enoch Thango, Deputy Principal of Sunward Park High & Mfanelo Ntsobi, Chief […]

Connected Course

Spent Friday afternoon listening to Jim Click Groom, Alan Link Levine and Howard Embed Rhinegold introduce Connected Courses in a session entitled Pre-course: Orientation: Registration & Setting up your Network. I only listened for the first half an hour but “Click”, “Link” and “Embed”  did have some good points about online learning. These were the […]

Open Access Week 2011

It’s the second year that Wits celebrates Open Access Week. Along with 2,000 individuals from more than 110 that have registered at openaccessweek.org, eLSI and the Library will be hosting two events. 24 October 2011 (Monday) 13.00-14.00 Wartenweiler Conference Room, 4th Floor Theme: Open Access & Scholarly Communication Prof. Yunus Ballim – “Wits and Open […]

Three steps to a Twitter +

Wouldn’t be useful if public posts on Google +were also published on Twitter? It’s helpful when platforms can talk to each other. My tweets with links, for example, are automatically stored in my delicious account, thanks to packrati.us Google + looks like it has a future with other Google sites, but I’d like it to […]

A wet & soggy account of ANT

Wits has decided that if they are going to prepare students for a 21st century world, then they will have to equip their students with connected digital devices that enable 21st century thinking and work. Accordingly, they have embarked on a number of projects to wirelessly connect the campus and improve the ratio of students […]

Digital Slates

So, you want to move from OHP transparencies, where you portably project the process of working through a problem to a class on a transparency, to a more modern device that should allow you to do the same…and more. Projecting and recording the process of obtaining a solution on a data projector should be simple, […]