Three steps to a Twitter +

Wouldn’t be useful if public posts on Google +were also published on Twitter? It’s helpful when platforms can talk to each other. My tweets with links, for example, are automatically stored in my delicious account, thanks to Google + looks like it has a future with other Google sites, but I’d like it to […]

I don’t get Twitter

Some thoroughly confused PGCE students of mine have admitted that they just “don’t get Twitter“. That’s fine. Your confusion over Twitter is shared by many. Media literacies are determined by our social identities. We start reading books because we see others reading. We get an e-mail address because other people want to contact us. We […]

Discover Microblogging (Draft)

Microblogging (the act of broadcasting short, real-time messages) allows people to express themselves in new ways. It offers people a new communication channel to broadcast and share updates about what they are reading, thinking, experiencing, watching and doing. Educationalists that choose to incorporate Microblogs into their courses could refocus Microblogging as a peer to peer […]

To Twit or to Facebook with KZN teachers

Pre service and in service teachers need to be introduced, taught about, with and through ICTS. But the problems of access make implementation of this goal difficult. I’ve counted phone numbers, fax, email addresses etc of schools in the KZN Midlands region. Out of the 506 schools 96% have mobile numbers, 74% have landlines, 45% […]