Digital Biography

Instructions for the participant What do you think Google would find about your online self? Does your digital footprint represent you accurately? What does the web say you do? Is the information there beneficial or a potential drawback for your professional status? If you are found online, is your online presence accurate and up to […]

Participants Pledge

Instructions for participants We, who are running the event, pledge to provide a meaningful experience for all participants. We will Identify and address barriers that might affect meaningful  use of mobile devices Co-create a curriculum that will equip participants with skills and meet their expectations Freely share and distribute the toolkit as creative commons resources […]

Take a Shelfie

Instructions for participants You are going to take out your mobile device and take a photo of yourself. But instead of simply taking a self-portrait, turn your “selfie” into a “shelfie”. In other words, make sure that your own portrait includes books or stories. If you have completed the application form, you will automatically receive […]

Digital Slates

So, you want to move from OHP transparencies, where you portably project the process of working through a problem to a class on a transparency, to a more modern device that should allow you to do the same…and more. Projecting and recording the process of obtaining a solution on a data projector should be simple, […]