Discover Weblearning

Weblearning is a small consultancy working towards assisting individuals and organizations make educational use of the internet. Key focus is on

Love working with people.

  • People who are committed to education AND have a predisposition towards digital technology. I call these folk ed-techies.

Connect with the dots.

  • Talk with teachers, academics, educators. Help them to communicate with ed techies. Assume competency, offer clarifications, not jargon or wonkyness.

Don't fudge, excuse or deny.

  • Take responsibility and be accountable for "screw-ups". Own the unintended consequences.
    Correct mistakes and minimize knock-on effects. Improvement's in your internal processes will lead to quality.

Step lightly.

  • Weblearning isn't a startup, tribe or a movement. It's the place to find me.
    I respond, offer empathy, care and share perspective. I'm trying to solve problems. Not create them.

Respect the unsung heros at the coal face.

  • 1000 X THANK-YOU.

Support the commmons

  • People and organizations who are committed to the public good. Ed techies who are committed to promoting and enabling legal sharing of their creative and education efforts with others.

Meet Derek Moore

Derek Moore is the person behind Weblearning. With 20 years’ experience in the field of technology enabled learning (TEL), Derek's specialties include materials development, instructional design, blended and mobile implementation, support of learning management systems, service and help desk management, facilitation, e-learning strategy and policy development

As an independent but critical advocate for digital education, Derek offers an alternate voice to “Big Tech”. Compassion and empathy is offered to emerging educators. Critical friends and communities of practice are shared for the experienced. Honesty and forthright opinions are offered to both, when responding to the challenges of using the web for teaching and learning.

With a background in education (secondary and tertiary), a M Ed in instructional design, Derek is comfortable with curriculum mapping, storyboarding, layout, design and development of a virtual, blended or mobile learning environments. As an academic developer, he works alongside subject matter experts, advising and assisting with learning outcomes, formative and summative assessments, quality assurance and evaluation.