A glossary of law terms with explanations in Plain Language in English, Afrikaans and IsiXhosa

I've been a mentor to Matilda Smith in the Open Education for a Better World program (OE4BW) This is my third year of being involved in the project and my second year as a mentor. Matilda is the director of the legal aid clinic and we were working together on the plain language multilingual glossary. The glossary is intended to address language justice issues.

Matilda has met with a brief and developed a table containing initial legal concepts in English with translations available in Afrikaans, isiXhosa and plain English. My role in the project was to act as a guide and help Matilda set a useful direction and also looking at all possible areas where the glossary might be put to use.

We have the glossary, and now have to think about issues such as platform, maintenance and wider buy in. I think the project will take legs if it can address these issues:

1) Delivery Platform. Will it be accessible via the Web (which requires data, but allows for flexibility in updates and maintence) or will we make it available under USSD (which requires a bigger budget to develop and maintain the resource)?

2) Updates and maintenance. Who will be responsible for keeping this glossary updated and maintained.

3) Wider buy in: The A2J target audience is also the legal profession. Buy in to the glossary will start when contributions are made by legal minds across the country

I want to say thank you to you, Matilda, for all your hard work. To OE4BW for setting this up, and to Igor, for being a wonderful friend and helper in the whole process.