OE4BW – 2021

A few years ago, while scrolling through Twitter, I saw a link to an application to be mentored in the Open Education for a Better World (OE4BW) programme. I’d created many online and digital resources, but my efforts were often solitary and conversations around the work were limited to individual “client” updates. Work felt insular and exchanges between educationalists ed-techies and developers were minimal.

OE4BW (an initiative to develop and deliver large-scale open resource or courses aligned with the SDGs) initiated freshness into work with new mentor conversations. The programme introduced me to a wider “open” world and facilitated a 6 month journey of conversations, discovery & collaboration between a mentors / mentees. Dialogue had benefits for all involved. I received inspiration, valuable feedback and felt re-included in a learning community.

The project combines warm & caring relationship, regional hubs, a growing community that offers rich and stimulating expertise AND a visit to the awesome Vipava Valley in Slovenia. This free and international initiative has really been worth my time. I’ve been mentored (once) and acted as a mentee (twice)

  • 2018 – Open badges for mlibrarians – where I was a developer, mentored by Lance and Sandya
  • 2019 – Teaching Language Across the Curriculum – where I mentored Isabel (and presented on her behalf)
  • 2020 – Plain Language Multilingual Glossary – where I mentored Matilda
  • 2021 – Designing an open online course that teaches people conversational Kiswahili – where I am mentoring Said Yunus

If you are motivated develop & deliver education technology that is open and for public good. Or want to broaden your footprint, spread your wings a bit further and derive value from being open with mentors from around the world, then visit https://oe4bw.org/.

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