House keeping

Conferences, seminars, workshops, colloquia often seem to kick off with “housekeeping”. Where’s the bathrooms? Announcement of meal times. What’s the wifi password. Reminder about venue rules. Introductions of attendees. Location for the bus to take you to the social activities in the evening. This is is key orientation information, to help you to navigate an unfamiliar place.

But before a webinar, such basic “house-keeping” instructions are not always as clear as they should be. To remedy this, I put together a Slidedeck (Creative Commons License) intended to serve as inspiration for future housekeeping communications. This presentation allows the event organizor o host to be pro-active when using a platform with group of people who are unfamiliar with the norms and amenities. But instead of only being a list of instructions, it also contains quick questions that can be answered with a number in the chat.

The deck is not only about orientation to the platform. It is also intended to elicit reactions from remote students about the space wherein they learn, their inner state & current tech skills. It can also be used as a discussion prompt about hybrid learning and platform use (e.g Zoom).

Take what is useful. Delete the unnecessary. No specific platform is highlighted. Make copies or change where necessary. Comments are also welcome.

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