Course rollover*

Another semester. A new cohort of students. And for many, a re-run through the once “wired”, but now “tired” online course.  The overturning of a course is usually seen as a quick copy and paste exercise, a brief interruption (hopefully) and then a return to normal service. 

A course rollover does not have to herald another repeat or re-run. A roll-over could be the the opportunity for you to work with an instructional designer and breathe some freshness into your course.

If you are stuck of the tired and stale text under glass, don’t just repeat last years site. Look around for some interesting digital practices. Think about how they might apply to your course site. Take this short quiz and decide whether you want to make a change for the better when renewing  your existing course site. 

Course rollover quiz

Question 1 – Let’s compare: Take a look at your course home page on the LMS and compare it to your home page a year ago. Does it look any different from your current course?

  1. I don’t use the LMS so I can’t see if there is any difference
  2. Wait? Is that the course I taught last year? Don’t recognise it at all.
  3. I recognize that course, its got my colleagues name and photograph in it, but everything else is familiar
  4. It’s a bit like Groundhog day. I’m basically using the same course that I used last year. A few thing have changed, I have made some minor improvements.
  5. My course page on has never changed, but I’d like to know what I can do to spruce it up a bit.
  6. My course page on the LMS will never change. The end!

Question 2 – Let’s be honest: Are any of your list of resources that are on the LMS and see if they are looking a little tired?

  1. I don’t use the LMS,  so don’t have supporting resources on it
  2. The LMS is so clunky. Students are inspired by emerging technologies and I’d like to update tools within my course site
  3. My PowerPoint presentations are looking a little tired. That template background has dated badly
  4. We watched a great YouTube video in class, I’d like to try out some more video ideas 
  5. I have not got many supporting resources on the LMS, but I’d like to change this
  6. I’m happy with my collection of supporting resources. Thanks

Question 3 – Let’s be vulnerable:
Are you nervous about undergoing an online course refresh

  1. I don’t the LMS so the question does not apply to me
  2. Not really, I have done this in other courses and I know that I can make my course better. 
  3. A little! I usually subscribe to the “if it ain’t broken…” philosophy
  4. IF I am informed about what is involved, then I’m happy
  5. As long as I don’t have to throw out all my old stuff. There’s years of knowledge wrapped up in my materials
  6. I am indifferent to your question as I will never need a course makeover


Turn this upside down for the answer


If you are seriously interested in making a small incremental improvement or perhaps a big leap into refreshing your course, then

This is the way that I go about working on a digital course renewal before doing a course rollover

* The renewal of online courses at the end of an academic term is called a”course rollover”.

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