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For the participants

In this activity, you will need to download a QR code reader, wander around a gallery of “scan-able” codes that have been posted around the venue, and answer questions in the code scanning worksheet. These questions are based on what you have found on the codes.

After watching a presentation about QR codes, you will be introduced to various social publishing projects and become familiar with accessing information resources via scan-able codes.

For the facilitator

Before the activity, a gallery of scan-able codes needs to be put up around the room.

Participants will need to do the following

Step 1 –  install a QR reader or QR Scanner on their own phone – once they have done this, then they will be able to access websites, apps and other services.
Step 2 – start at the beginning, point their phones at the QR codes and let the scanned code led them to information associated with the code.
Step 3  – Find answers to the question posed on the gallery Q & A sheet.
Step 4 –  Move to the next gallery item, scan code and find answers.After the activity has been complete, the facilitator should allow participants to compare answers and respond to queries if necessary.

QR Code Gallery

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