Unleashing Student’s Inner DJ

VOW is about to be relaunched

Joburg has about 40 community radio stations, and on Monday 12 July, another station is going to be added to the eclectic sound mix that keeps our Jozi airwaves jam packed. The VOW (Voice of Wits) is about to return to campus after a long absence. Its launch has been timed to coincide with the return of student to ‘varsity.

Strangely, for a set of an aspiring DJ’s, the launch from the ninth floor of University Corner will pretty subdued. Mike Smurthwaite, the Station Manager, has had his hands full turning a derelict office space into a funky top notch studio. Things are underground at the moment. Marketing budgets are limited. His main task is to identify student talent, and so aspiring voice artists (preferably with a thick skin) can either project their voice around Braamfontein & Melville.

If you do tune in, programming may be a bit raw or rough at times. Remember, it is a student radio station. Neither can Mike guarantee smooth dulcet tones. Dead air, crashed lyrics and other duff ups are likely as another aspiring disc jockey realizes that fame and fortune are more likely if they pay attention to their studies. But, if you are willing to risk authentic and energetic radio, turn your dial in their direction. You’ll find them at 90.5 FM.

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    1. Dee/Lisa – thanks for the comment. I’d rather not include your submission as it reads more like advert than part of a conversation. Thanks for you interest though. Keep in touch with VOW. You may find some good talent

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