What do I want to do in 2011

My ToDo list

At 5:56 AM I started my first formal day of work for 2011.

  1. Work Life Balance:  My alarm, set for 5:00 a.m. reminded me of my first intention, to balance work and life. I’m no longer a migrant knowledge worker with a remote family. I’m going to arrive early at work and leave early.
  2. Provoke Thoughts: This half an hour of writing is part of my second goal, to disconnect and carve out silence for some goal setting, personal thoughts or reflections about learning and technology. This space will brief (half an hour). I’m going to also chip out a regular afternoon for a more professional blog post or podcast.
  3. Community of practice and purpose: And you, dear reader, are the third part of the resolution. I’m hoping that in the process of making my thinking public, that you are going to provoke me to become more coherent in my thought or more thorough in my practice. In turn, I hope that I’ll be able to connect with you, your learning and thoughts.

So before the arrival of the masses, with one programme open (no web, social networks, calendars reminders or urgent emails), I’m going to generate my own resolutions, add type to my thoughts, nail them to my blog and go make some strong coffee. Let’s see what my 2011 resolutions look like in a weeks time.

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