#Tips4Sakai is a workshop designed to expand on the many different ways that people might respond to and use Sakai. #Tips4Sakai is intended to help participants understand how Sakai could add value to technology enabled learning (TEL). The activities in the workshop offer a hands-on experience of Sakai. Participants can expect to learn how this learning management system (LMS) can be used to compliment and enhance teaching and learning.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Know how to make more effective use of tools and technologies available on Sakai.
  • Understand how Sakai and other technologies can enhance course administration, communication and
  • Identify the benefits and challenges associated with using Sakai
  • Discuss how certain practices/pedagogies could improve the online learning experience.
  • Design a mini course which will make best use of the Sakai.
  • Confidently approach Sakai with an all round perspective.

Participants will leave the workshop equipped with a range of #Tips4Sakai

The #Tips4Sakai booklet is licensed under a Creative Commons By Attribution License.

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