Three steps to a Twitter +

Wouldn’t be useful if public posts on Google +were also published on Twitter?

It’s helpful when platforms can talk to each other. My tweets with links, for example, are automatically stored in my delicious account, thanks to Google + looks like it has a future with other Google sites, but I’d like it to connect further – with Twitter.

To get the two connected, follow these three steps

  1. You are just a number to Google + but your unique number is special. Find it when you click on your Google + profile, then take a look in the URL bar and note that number.
  2. Go to plusfeed and create an unofficial atom feed.  Just paste your Google + account number after the above URL and it will generate an atom feed of your public posts.
  3. Signup for a service like Twitterfeed that enables you to send RSS feeds to your Twitter (or Facebook) account.

There – Google + is linked to Twitter. Your thought stream is now available as an information stream. Now all my public posts on Google + are also published on Twitter.