Take a shelfie

Take a Shelfie

Instructions for participants

You are going to take out your mobile device and take a photo of yourself. But instead of simply taking a self-portrait, turn your “selfie” into a “shelfie”. In other words, make sure that your own portrait includes books or stories.

Take a shelfie

If you have completed the application form, you will automatically receive an invitation to take a shelfie photograph. If not, take out your phone, locate the camera icon and you are ready to snap a shelfie.

  • Capture it: Take a photograph of yourself with your books in the background.
  • Store it: Keep it in a safe place on your phone.

For the facilitator

Participants will be asked to take a photograph of themselves. But instead of simply taking a self portrait, they will take a “shelfie”. In other words, they will have a phone picture that includes books.

10 Creative Shelfie Ideas

  1.  Find a section of the library that you enjoy (Children’s section, reference, popular fiction etc). Take a shelfie.
  2.  Look for your favourite author and stack his/her books up on top of each other. Take a shelfie.
  3.  Think about your hobbies or interests (e.g. gardening). Find books that link to those hobbies and interests and add an extra non- literacy prop (e.g. a pot plant) to reinforce your hobby or interest. Take a shelfie.
  4.  Find an inspirational quote by an author, take picture of a book they wrote and use your phone to place the quote on the book background.
  5.  Take a shelfie that contains a picture of the same books in both digital and analogue formats (e.g. a page on kindle and a print version).
  6.  Take a remixed shelfie that shows your face superimposed over the covers of digital books that you like.
  7.  Choose books that all have the same coloured spine and wear an outfit that matches these colours.
  8.  Find stories for a particular day of the year, put on an appropriate outfit and take a shelfie. E.g Santa Outfit and Christmas books.
  9.  Find a book with a face on it and align your profile with that face on the cover. Take a shelfie.
  10. Take a normal shelfie and then use an app, like Snapchat or Instagram to add animated elements to your shelfie.

Shelfie Gallery

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