Students networking with Students

There’s a range of people in my Ed Tech PGCE class this year. Some are very sussed, and others are finding computers a frightening prospect. This morning a small co-hort of about 10 PGCE students (many of them very new to computers) joined me while I demonstrated copying, cropping and adding effects to their class photographs. I also included a quick tutorial on Twitter and then shut up and left them to work out how they could use Microblogging to connect to other PGCE students. It’s great watching students teach students technology. They do it far better than I could ever hope to. Happy to report that they are excellent peer teachers and all of them “got it”. Conversations between students have started to flow. Hope I don’t sound to patronizing, but well done. Many others have not got this far. If I’ve left anyone of the list, please contact me. Would be great if we could have a network of 80 + PGCE students on Twitter.

Information and Confusion

I love the rough and ready index cards that Jessica Hagy uses with her “Venn Dadagrams” at Indexed. Her Needles and Haystacks graph (slide 3)perfectly captures the befuddled brain after a long morning of course introductions.

To finish off their befuddlement, I hauled out the data projector and subjected the class to their first (but certainly not last)  “death by powerpoint”. My collection of icons and “pictures” illustrated what they could expect this year, and (I hope) allowed them to take in a bit of visual data. While the slideshow was not as articulate as Jessica’s visual vocabulary, it must have stuck, because Carmia took up my slide 25 challenge, and tracked me down on Twitter an hour later. I’m impressed. I wonder if anyone else can find me?