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Instructions for participants

Children’s classics can often be found on the shelves in our libraries. Some are beautifully bound, hardcover books, available on shelves. For many, these classic books are associated with the smell of paper or the rustle of a page being turned. Digital offers opportunities to access certain timeless titles for free.  Books, in the public domain, are no longer restricted by copyright laws.

For the facilitator

In groups of three, participants will

  1. Choose a classic book (see the Public Domain list).
  2. Explore one of the three different routes to these classic texts.
    1. Open Route – locate an ePub reader (either on your device or for download; I recommend the Bluefire reader).
    2. Proprietary route – download Kindle, create an Amazon account.
    3. Reading on a browser route  – choose a browser that allows you the option to read later (Opera or Chrome is best. )
  3. Download and open the e-reader needed to access such texts (the proprietary, open and web reader).
  4. Go to m.Gutenberg.org .
  5. Download the classic book that you chose in step 1.
  6. Open the book in the E-reader you installed.
  7. Answer the ebooks questions for your reading route.

Reading Routes

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