QR in class

I’ve usually teach ICT on Networks where the students out number the desktops quite dramatically. Last years class was over 70 students in size, and I had 12 computers to share amongst them.

While some might think that one person one computer is a democratic right, the poor ratio of computers to users does have perks. Students that don’t normally have computer access, learn from each other while sitting next to their peers. Those that are digitally privileged usually duck out and complete their work on a home PC. Their absence is not missed as they dominate the learning, when the laggards really need attention.

This year, I’m going to level the playing field and include a new screen in my class. I’ve read and experimented a bit with the cell phone, and feel that its time to attempt to incorporate Mobile learning in my classes.

All readings will be filed on the Social Bookmarking service Delicious and catalogued with the tag UKZNAV. For those that want to access their readings without a computer, they can also do it via the camera built into their phone. Point the camera to the QR code, and the selected readings should appear.

My second attempt to include mobile in my teaching is to insist that all register on Twitter and then attempt to  incorporate the back channel into the class. Compulsive note writers will have the opportunity to share their secret scribblings using  with one man and his data projector. Again, the user will point their camera to the QR code, and the link to the backchannel should appear.

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