Participants pledge

Participants Pledge

Instructions for participants

We, who are running the event, pledge to provide a meaningful experience for all participants. We will

  • Identify and address barriers that might affect meaningful  use of mobile devices
  • Co-create a curriculum that will equip participants with skills and meet their expectations
  • Freely share and distribute the toolkit as creative commons resources

You will be able to create, share, and connect with each other around topics that relate to reading, mobile devices and libraries. We’d like you to commit to involving yourself in this workshop by making a pledge to take a partnership role in this event.

Participants pledge

For the facilitator

You should decide how you want participants to express this pledge. It might take the form of a contract, or it could be more creative.

Contract Pledge

I ____________________(insert name) recognise my responsibility within this mLiteracy workshop to be an active participant, to take responsibility for my learning and to work in collaboration with colleagues and foster an environment where we all can expand our knowledge.

Status Update Pledge

Think about what you want to do after completing the mliteracy workshop. Write a statement of intent. Create your own motto or slogan. The post it to your social media status
Use the status wall and ask participants to update their status, where they describe how they are feeling about the workshop and their role in it.

Step 1 – What should go into the pledge?

You will have to decide whether you will be a participative workshop attendant.
• How participative do you plan to be?
• How valuable an experience do you plan to make this workshop?
• How much risk do you plan to take?
• What do you plan to do with your learning?

Step 2 – Draft your pledge.

How do you want to express your intention to participate in this workshop?
• Write a statement of intent
• Create your own motto or slogan
• Compose a poem, song or rap
• Take a picture

Step 3 – Post your pledge

Where do you intend to post your pledge?
• Via WhatsApp
• On Your Status
• On paper

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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