My first week in Jozi

Welcome to Wits
With the sound of afternoon traffic, an amplified African guitar and the evening sun inviting me to knock off from work, I thought I’d take a breath and reflect on the memorable, exciting and sad moments since being appointed to the eLearning, Support and Innovation Unit at Wits University on June 1.

With the 2010 Soccer World Cup round the corner, the excitement is palpable. Car flags wave, buildings are plastered with adverts, lampposts hold banners and soccer T shirts loudly proclaim their wearers loyalty to various national teams. Conversations around me are peppered with who has tickets for what, whether Bennie was really fat and where will you be watching the games from.

I’ve also been wonderfully welcomed, orientated, introduced, processed etc by people within the University and up in the city. Opportunities to connect with people and their work are welcomed occasions and I relish fresh collaboration prospects that may (to use a terrible phrase) “add value” to the universities work. Already there are three possible initiatives that I might be involved in:
• QR codes on University signage
• E Learning and Digital literacy resources for the library
• The curricular possibilities of ‘One Computing Device Per Student’

The memorable and stimulating moments have to share some space with a poignant loss of intimacy between Jean, Anna, Cara and myself. Despite the alleged glamour of a bachelor life in Jozi, sometimes I find myself choked up with longing as l miss my daughters and partner.

It is, however, with gratitude that I pack up for the week. My appreciation for friends that have made me feel welcome, colleagues that have invited me to participate with them on their projects and Wits University for employing me to learn work and get paid in an exciting and dynamic field is heartfelt. I’m looking forward to Monday.