Inform, don’t meform

“Inform them, catch their attention, don’t meform and angst” say the Social Media gurus. Always on the look out for tools that can assist me do the above – and I’ve recently installed two WordPress plugins that offered information possibilities.

  • Twitter Tools
  • Link Within.
    • Twitter Tools is plugin that integrates your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Meaning…the mutterings that I make to myself (and occasionally with some amazing people) are archived publicly on my blog. Now I know some people just drool profound / clever witty thought, but frankly, my Tweets are generally are not worth ruminating on, let alone digesting. So this tool might be unplugged for a while.

      Link Within, my second WordPress plugin has done some really clever coding and planning, and has released a plugin that “retrieves and indexes all stories from my blog archive” so that new readers can see what else I’ve written , not just recent stories. Small problem is, my writing has not been uploaded to my blog. So the choice of different articles (for those that do trip up and find this hidden space) is fairly limited. Time to start finishing off those articles and uploading them to the blog.

      Both plugins impressed me with how quick and simple they were to install and use. But clever tools soon become ordinary and unless they assist with sharing ideas, their impressesiveness soon looses novelty. I read blogs to find out more about the people that have impressed me with their interesting online ideas. If a tool helps me see them explore ideas, visualize creativity, and catalogue intuitive leaps, fantastic. But if the tool simply tells me more about themselves – then they’re meforming.

      The exception to this is the Twitter landing page. In this example, @marciamarcia introduces herself and her interests. Martin Weller takes this introduction concept further. When he meets “followers” face to face he has Seven Conversation Starters for taking the conversation beyond blogging. Both clever ideas where WordPress plugins can be used.


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