I don’t get Twitter

Some thoroughly confused PGCE students of mine have admitted that they just “don’t get Twitter“. That’s fine. Your confusion over Twitter is shared by many. Media literacies are determined by our social identities. We start reading books because we see others reading. We get an e-mail address because other people want to contact us. We work out predictive text because we’d like to respond quickly to others SMS. If your connections are limited to email and texting, and you don’t want another “web-borne intrusion“, you’ll have a lot more time for marking, lesson planning and other important teacher activities.

If your reason for not understanding Twitter is that you can’t understand how a teacher might find Twitter useful, then the slide share below looks at examples of how some education institutions are using Twitter.

Although some South African Universities are on Twitter, fewer teachers or schools that have gone the Twitter route. Innovation fatigue, “digital dongas” or principled opposition to social media (i.e. this is a teenage fad) have been cited as reasons for non participation. I however think that the real reason is simply that other South African teachers are not using it. I’m the Twit that’s in the minority. But stick with me (and Twitter). I’m hoping to introduce you to a concept called a Personal Learning Network. Soon you’ll see that Twitter is part of a bigger picture, and its usefulness is better experienced than explained.

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