Hopes & Fears

Mliteracy – Activities

Instructions for participants

You are going to articulate your expectations (both positive and negative) about the introduction of mobile phones into the library. Please select two pictures from a bank of “Hopes & Fears Cards”  and explain how these images symbolize your hopes and fears with respect to the use of mobile phones in the library.

For the facilitator

If you have printed out the cards, then follow these instructions below. Otherwise use the images on the mLiteracy instagram site

Offer a choice

  • Identify a suitable and large enough surface on which you can place the 50 Hopes and Fears cards.
  • Lay all the cards out on the surface table. Remember to spread them out so that each picture is visible.
  • Set out a range of colourful felt tip pens for writing.
  • Give participants a set period of time to pick a card that summarises their hope/fear that they have for the project/issue/challenge.
  • Ask participants to write 1 or 2 words in the space that summarises their hope and fear.

Share & Listen

  • Decide what you want to address first, hopes or fears.
  • Bring everyone together to share their hope/fear. If group is too large then ask people to get into groups and share amongst themselves.
  • Repeat for the opposite.
Hopes and Fears

Credit: Adapted from the  @PolicyLabUK under the Open Government Licence

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