Digital Biography

Instructions for the participant

What do you think Google would find about your online self? Does your digital footprint represent you accurately? What does the web say you do? Is the information there beneficial or a potential drawback for your professional status? If you are found online, is your online presence accurate and up to date?

Digital Biography

You might have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google + account. On each of these accounts there is an option for you to complete a digital biography or bio   Your bio offers a golden moment to quickly and succinctly tell others about the work you do in libraries. If written correctly, the bio will offer you the opportunity to own your digital footprints. You are going to practice making digital tracks with a bio statement.

Bio Statement Formula

I’m [character Trait]/[Job Title]. “I help [target audience] [*verb phrase] using their mobile devices  that [expected positive outcome for target audience ]

Examples of Bio Statements

I am a kind and patient early reading expert. I help parents of pre-school children access early reading materials via their mobile phones so that they can read to their children and enter school ready to read.

I am a friendly reference librarian. I assist school children to find appropriate apps so that they can download books on their mobile phones in the library so that they can read these books at home.

I am a bit zany. I love introducing teenagers to reading apps that have been written and produced for a digital and connected young adult.

I’m gentle. I assist older patrons with their phones to locate and download public domain books so that they can access and enjoy reading classic literature on their device.

I’m a thorough school librarian. I help teachers by finding electronic resources that they can use in their classes on their mobile devices so that they can impart these new sets of skills to their class and make better use all internet resources.

For the facilitator

The Digital Biography presentation has a worksheet and exemplar that points out all the basic features of a social media profile. It also has a bio formula. This formula is not compulsory or magic. It simply offers a way to convey essential information to the person who wants to connect with a librarian.

Once the participant has watched the presentation, they should be able to

1. Select their own profile privacy settings
2. Choose their own bio pic
3. Complete the bio using the formula for writing a bio.
4. Decide on / identify a possible username
5. Update your status


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