Different thinking

Kevin Durheim, Professor at the School of Psychology, and his student conference team have put the 2008 student conference online, and  it has a few differences.

The Team

From left: Jared Forbes, Thembelihle Zuma, Janine Upton & Farina Karim.

As we planned this web site, the team and I decided (as one of the conference goals), to try and get 15 conversations started. With Kevin’s support, we set up two data projectors in each room (one for the speaker, and one for the “conversations”) and asked conference delegates to “comment”. By the end of the conference, we had 151 comments for the 31 conference papers that were presented. Highest number of posts – 20 for a presentation. Almost 5 comments per paper. I think that we achieved our aim. Hopefully the thoughts that were stimulated at the conference might continue – independently on the blogs.

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