Different Planning

It’s energising to work with people that are

  1. Willing to try new ideas in front of their peers
  2. Want to explore better methods of working
  3. Unafraid of looking silly

The psych masters conference team hadn’t published anything online before. Yet after a day and a half of work shopping, we had decided that we were going to look at different ways of hosting a conference. We were going to attempt to create a conversation. Together, the conference team put together a programme site with a Blog, Social Bookmarks and Photosharing capacity.  Farina and Janine where quite willing to explore different ways of putting themselves into the media.

Thembi, who ran the blog, had never touched Blogging software, yet she ran the account like a pro.  Jarred, who was introduced to some new tools, in the orientation workshops, has now decided to incorporate them in his research next year.

We really have to thank Prof Kevin Durheim,  for making the School of Psychology Presentations archieve happen and for his positive attitude to our little experiments in this project. We are all looking forward to some interesting learning.

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