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Connected Courses
Connected Courses

Spent Friday afternoon listening to Jim Click Groom, Alan Link Levine and Howard Embed Rhinegold introduce Connected Courses in a session entitled Pre-course: Orientation: Registration & Setting up your Network.

I only listened for the first half an hour but “Click”, “Link” and “Embed”  did have some good points about online learning. These were the 3 main takeaways for me

  • What is a connected course? A connected course is not just one central broadcast system, but a space that you own, where you have the tools to create and manage your own space.
  • What’s presence?  Presence is the trust that you establish when you are teaching online. It’s about being real and accessible.
  • Why your own domain?: There’s a difference between renting an apartment and owning your own flat. Once you have your own space, instead of simply occupying an area that you pay a landlord for, then its yours and a greater part of your identity because you can do anything with it decorate it at your hearts content.

What I am particularly excited about is the obvious assumption that participants in Connected Courses are still getting their ideas around hosting, blogs, RSS and distributed learning. There’s always a danger, when running an online course, that we assume expertise in the technologies central to the course. This is a real blind spot I suffer from, and I forget that many have not yet had the opportunity to become familiar with concepts we ed techies take for granted. Kudos to Connected Courses for offering an opportunity to get on top of RSS, self hosting, publishing platforms and other ideas. Now people who are participating in this course have a scaffolded opportunity to start playing in this space.

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