The blended learning field guide

I’ve been working with the Department of Education Innovation at Pretoria University to design a “Field Guide to Blended Learning, intended to complement the Blended Learning Self-Evaluation app. The app uses eight dimensions (assessment, teaching and learning strategies, learning activities, content, communication, administration, design and support) as a structure for self evaluation. Academics open the […]

Social Publishers

Mliteracy – Activity Instructions for participants There are several anomalies with children’s published books. These become very clear when English is not the language that is spoken at home. These 10 positions are intended to articulate some of these incongruities. Each position has a statement at different ends of a continuum. You will select statements […]

Take a Shelfie

Instructions for participants You are going to take out your mobile device and take a photo of yourself. But instead of simply taking a self-portrait, turn your “selfie” into a “shelfie”. In other words, make sure that your own portrait includes books or stories. If you have completed the application form, you will automatically receive […]

“Open in order to…access and read”

To celebrate Open Access Week (October 23–29), I thought that I would shift my gaze from scholarly publishing (which normally gets most of the attention during this week) to social publishing Social Publishers (SP) are “Open Access” publishers. They create reading materials for neglected audiences. Rather than operate on a profit basis, social publishers are […]

Sharing Nicely

That big annoying purple beast was right. Sharing is caring (I never thought I’d start a post by quoting Barney). Sharing nicely, especially when educational materials are concerned, is a natural impulse. But many education related organisations seem intent on curbing this generosity. If you are part of a larger education related body (a publisher, […]