More about Weblearning

What does weblearning do?

Weblearning helps communities and practitioners within the educational, developmental and training sectors to understand and respond to the challenges of using the web for teaching and learning. Instead of focussing on the traditional organisational needs (advertising, communication, administration), Weblearning attempts to understand what their online users want and need and act accordingly.

Meet Derek Moore

Derek Moore is an enthusiastic and pragmatic educational technology support specialist who is behind Weblearning. With 20 years’ experience in the field of technology enabled learning (TEL), Derek's specialties include materials development, instructional design, blended and mobile implementation, support of learning management systems, service and help desk management, facilitation, e-learning strategy and policy development


Derek’s pedagogical expertise is practical and hands-on. As an instructional designer, he is comfortable with curriculum mapping, storyboarding, layout, design and development of a virtual, blended or mobile learning environment. As an academic developer, he works alongside subject matter experts, advising and assisting with learning outcomes, formative and summative assessments, quality assurance and evaluation.

Big picture

At an operations level, Derek has managed and delivered on projects intended to shape an emerging digital education landscape. He is adept with change management and have assisted with “jump-starting” important conversations around the broader digital ecology necessary for ongoing and sustainable use of technologies. Functions have included planning, the management of budgets, organizing resources and facilities and supervision of colleagues. In conjunction key role-players he has also been privileged to contribute at an enterprise level towards policies and procedures intended to promote a digital mindset.

Customized Workshops

An ongoing focus of Derek’s, through roles such as educational developer, instructional designer, content developer, consultant, curriculum head and ICT facilitator, teacher and lecturer has been on the development of digital fluencies among amongst educators, school pupils, students, clients, I.D. professionals and academics. Derek is available to run customized workshops.