About Weblearning.

Change things or Things change
Change things or Things change

My name is Derek Moore. For want of a title, I describe myself as an “ed-tech support specialist”. Other’s within my area of expertise might use the label “educational developer”,” instructional designer”,” learning technologist” or “learning engineer” to describe the positions that I might be expected to fill. to keep things simple, I call myself an “ed-techie”.

I am a South African who has been fortunate enough to work as a consultant, academic developer, content manager, IT integration specialist, high school teacher and youth worker. My academic background is in Computer Assisted Education (MEd), Teaching & Learning (B Ed & HDE) and History (BA)

This blog is a work in progress, not a final product. It’s an open space, where I think out loud. I try to share here, tell stories for change, narrate what I know (and unpack what I don’t understand).

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  1. Hi Derek

    I am on a team putting together an influencer session for Eiffel Corp (leaders in Ed Tech) about technology in the workplace and whose responsibility is it. I’d like to invite you to the event. Please could you give me your email address.

    Kim Barty
    083 630 6861

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