I hate learning from failure…

Shoot! Technologically –  a failed lecture on Digital Portfolios. My old computer conked out and I was left with a chalkboard and a borrowed lap top (thanks Marco). I had wanted to introduce my students to the Digital Portfolio template and had put together for the Skills for a Changing World Programme and get them inspired with an evocative set of Portfolio Metaphors.

Never great when the Ed tech guy can’t get his computer working. Note to self – ensure that you have a backup on your memory stick! I hate learning from my mistakes.

Starting with the end

I’ve always found it useful to start a course with the end product in mind. I also wanted to communicate that the Ed Tech course that I was introducing would be hands on (both behind the computer and at the desks). So I spent a good few hours groveling around the web, looking for a nice introduction. Stumbled across Life Hacker’s post on making a DIY paper pop up CD case which had a Chung Da Lam teaching how to fold a CD case. Neat – but too advanced for me. But the comments had some useful suggestions and with help from Wake1080 I created a template for students to store their portfolio CDs in.

The template also divided the class into groups and allowed them to store important information about their accounts. Take a look and tell me if it works for you.

Teaching for tomorrow

I’m quite excited. I’ve been given an opportunity to influence, affect, direct and maybe even change the way that teachers will practice their teaching and learning in the classroom. From next week I’ll be working with student and practicing teachers discovering, demonstrating and developing new ways of learning about ICT, learning with ICT and learning through the use of ICT. The School of Education and Development have hired me to take over the AV course.

I’ve decided to move away from Audio Visual and focus more on Education Technology. Over the next six month we are going to be

  • Learning about ICT
  • Learning with ICT
  • Learning through the use of ICT